Umbrella Wrapping Machine – manual


The umbrella wrapper is a non electric mobile machine that can be quickly positioned at the entrance of any commercial building entry area with the aim to prevent customers and staff entering the building dripping water from their wet umbrellas.
By reducing water droplets on the floor you would be contributing to a safer public environment and potentially saving someone from harm & injury.
When people with wet umbrellas enter your premises, they would be encouraged to use the UMBRELLA STATION by inserting their wet umbrella into the shute. Once inserted, a waterproof polybag is automatically inserted onto the umbrella preventing water from dripping on to the floor as shown.
The polybags are reusable and are generally taken home with the users as it keeps the umbrella dry weather in their vehicle or public transport.
Small footprint only: W300mm x D300mm x H1190mm. Weighs approximately 18kgs
Simply wheel out on those rainy days and quickly wheel away when the sun comes

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Machine, 2000 Polybags – to suit standard umbrellas