What is Bioboard?
Bioboard is a 100% environment friendly backing board.
It’s used in all our Vision Communicate range of whiteboards, cork and noticeboards. Bioboard is made from agricultural biomass and is a renewable energy resource made from living or recently living organisms.
It can include sugar, rice, corn or wheat stalks and plantation poplar trees. Bioboard is soft, yet firm. It is an ideal pinnable surface.

No toxic glues or carcinogenic formaldehyde are used in the preparation of Bioboard and is 100% biodegradable.
In the past, biomass would have been burnt after harvesting … with substantial heat and carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. By Visionchart now using Bioboard, such emissions into the environment are
substantially reduced.

Bioboard. Good for communication. Good for our planet.
And Bioboard is only available from VISIONCHART! It is your environmental guarantee.

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